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What You Need to Know About Brake Safety

Dec 16, 2019
Michael Robinson

Have you ever experienced this nightmare situation?

You’re driving along, and you know you’re approaching a stop up ahead. You move your foot from the gas to the brake, getting ready for when you’ll need to make a full stop. But – suddenly something is not right. You step harder on the brake, but your car is not stopping as it should.

Engine Swap? If You’re Considering It, Keep in Mind These 7 Things

Nov 25, 2019
Michael Robinson

Are you thinking about removing your car’s engine and replacing it with a different one? It’s become a trend to the engine swap, whether to replace a broken engine or to upgrade to a newer different engine that will make your car more powerful or economical to drive.

4 Car Maintenance Tips for Fall 2019

Nov 01, 2019
Michael Robinson

It’s officially Fall 2019, and now is a great time to take care of maintenance for your car before the coldest months of winter arrive.

Every car will have its own set of issues particular to its make, model, year, and driving history. However, there are several issues that come up most frequently that we see here at Circle Auto Protect, so we’ve put together this recommended list of 4 car parts you should check for maintenance issues now to make sure you are prepared for the coldest months of the year

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How You Can Save Money by Fixing a Bumper Scratch On Your Own

Oct 16, 2019
Michael Robinson

Has this ever happened to you: you’ve been out and about for work, errands, and various activities, taking care to park your car a safe distance away from other vehicles, but you return to find that your bumper has been scratched and dented?

Should You Consider Buying a Self-Driving Car, Or Not?

Sep 04, 2019
Michael Robinson

As technology continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, one of the strongest predictions for the coming decade is a surge in self-driving cars. 

The Best Gadgets to Make Your Car Smarter

Aug 13, 2019
Michael Robinson

We are spending an increasing amount of time in our cars in 2019; drivers in most American cities have seen a frustrating uptick in the number of hours they spend commuting each week which has resulted in a decline in productivity. For many people, the hours they spend stuck in gridlock each week with millions of other drivers has forced them to begin their workday earlier, and extend their office time as they drive home, responding to phone calls, texting (a practice we discourage), and writing emails. Luxury automakers jumped on the smart gadget bandwagon as soon as it became clear that the smartphone could be utilized as a work and media hub in the car; offering “technology” packages at a premium which include navigation, voice assist, wireless charging, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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