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Extended Car Warranty: How Much Will It Cost You?

Nov 06, 2019
Michael Robinson

If you’re considering making a big purchase or investing your money in a service like an extended warranty (or vehicle service contract), easily the first question to ask is “how much will this cost me?”

Here at Circle Auto Protect, one of the questions we frequently hear is “how much should I expect to pay for an extended car warranty?”

The truth is, the cost of potential coverage plans will vary and depend on factors like the make, model, and age of your vehicle and how many miles it’s already gone through.

But when you’re trying to balance your budget and determine whether the cost of an extended warranty is worth it, there are important costs to consider that go beyond the quotes you will receive.

For example:

1.    How Much Will It Cost You to Pay For Repairs Out of Pocket?

The average cost of car repairs is on an increasing slant, and if you’re like many car drivers, your current budget doesn’t support a sudden payment that could be multiple thousands of dollars.

For example, a malfunctioning brake system could cost you almost $2000. If your engine suddenly needs to be replaced, that could cost almost $5000. Are you prepared to cover those kinds of costs out of pocket?

While an extended car warranty will cost you some money upfront, for many drivers the overall costs long-term end up being much cheaper than if you have to pay for repairs on your own.

2.    How Much Will It Cost You for All the Benefits That Are Automatically Included in All Our Coverage Plans?

Unfortunately, if your car breaks down, the cost of repairs probably won’t be your only expense. 

For example, if your car suddenly starts malfunctioning in the middle of a trip, you’ll probably have to pay for the cost of a towing service to get your vehicle to the mechanic as well as the cost of a rental car that will allow you to get around while your car is in the shop.

However, if you invest in one of our coverage plans here at Circle Auto Protect, your coverage includes benefits and perks like 24/7/ roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. This is just another way a coverage plan can save you money in the long-term.

3.    How Much Will It Cost You If You Wait Any Longer?

If your car is still “relatively new,” you may think you don’t need an extended car warranty yet. After all, it may be months or years before you’ll actually need any auto repairs.

And while that certainly may be true, it’s also true that coverage plans for older cars with more miles will be more expensive. So, again, if you really want to save the most money overall, it may make the most sense to invest in a coverage plan sooner rather than later.

If you want to learn more about a coverage plan that fits your vehicle situation and budget, give Circle Auto Protect a call at: 833-247-2530 (833-CIRCLE0). Or, get a quote online!



Vehicles up to 140k miles are eligible for our Auto Plans.

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