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Circle Auto Protect has been providing peace of mind to drivers nationwide. From the very start, our goal has been to make sure everyone in our circle is protected. Providing quick service, and offering the maximum coverage in the industry on our Vehicle Service Policies. We have experienced ASE certified technicians on staff who work directly with any dealership or ASE Certified Facilities nationwide. Our staff works directly with the repair facility to make sure your vehicle is fixed, so you can get back on the road quickly.

We protect vehicles with 140,000 miles or less.
Purchasing a vehicle is a responsibility. Part of that responsibility is keeping in mind for the high cost of repairs that can cost you thousands down the road. Due to the high cost of the parts and components in vehicles today, along with the cost of labor at dealerships has made it extremely difficult for the average person to pay for an unexpected car repair out of pocket. Thousands of drivers are caught off guard every day. Having a Circle Auto Protect Plan is the smart and responsible way to protect the investment of your vehicle.

Studies show that from the cost savings of either two minor or one major repair, the investment of the policy would pay for itself. The average vehicle owner will make at least one claim per policy term. Unfortunately, all vehicles these days tend to brake down from time to time. Whether its something minor like a water pump or gasket malfunction, or something major like a full engine or transmission repair. Having a Circle Auto Protect Plan can protect you and offer you the peace of mind for any covered repair. After the manufacturers warranty expires, you are at risk for out of pocket repair bills that could cost you thousands. A vehicle is not like fine wine, each mile driven on the vehicle makes it more prone to breakdown.

Circle Auto Protect Plans are available nationwide, included are benefits like towing, rental car, roadside assistance and much more.

All Plans are absolutely risk free. The plan comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. The policy is also fully transferable if you sell the car. Giving you the flexibility and the peace of mind with your vehicle.

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Vehicles up to 140k miles are eligible for our Auto Plans.

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